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The National Connectivity Alliance (the NCA) is an alliance of telecommunications providers, infrastructure providers, landowners and their professional advisers.

The NCA brings together these stakeholders to collaborate on areas of mutual interest with the goal of delivering world class connectivity for all in the UK. Digital connectivity is fundamental to the success of our economy. Communities depend on reliable connections to stay connected; to ensure social inclusion; to enable businesses to embrace digital technology; and, to open up new markets and simplify supply chains.

Recognising the need to build strong relationships with each other to deliver connectivity to world beating standards, these leading stakeholders from across both telecoms and land industries have come together to work on issues of mutual interest, improve co-operation and to share best practice.

At launch in 2023, Digital Infrastructure Minister Julia Lopez MP said:
"I welcome the creation of this new alliance, which will bring together industry and landowners to improve negotiations and make sure we are doing everything we can to boost connectivity, productivity and the economy. "We continue to support investment in world class connectivity for people across the UK, whether they're in London, or a village in the Scottish Highlands."