1. Industry Communications Framework

The purpose of this document

This document outlines what is expected from telecoms companies and site providers (including site provider agents and organisations) when communicating on the renewal or new installations of mobile and fixed infrastructure on sites. The communications framework provides a streamlined and common process that all relevant parties within the industry can refer and commit to as a guide to help maintain and improve connectivity across the UK.


The communications framework has been developed with representatives from across the industry to identify how telecom companies and site providers can improve engagement and build trusting relationships, in the interest of supporting the roll out and maintenance of communications infrastructure. The framework intends to set out the best practice commitments to be referred to during the process of site renewal and acquisition, specifically focussing on the use of the revised Code legislation. The objective is for all parties to practice the agreed framework process to enable an improved way of working within the industry. This will support the government’s digital strategy and the public benefit for communication services.

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2. Best Practice Statement for Site Access


Ofcom’s Code of Practice on Electronic Communications Code1 sets out the good practices expected of operators, landowners and their professional advisers with respect to accessing of sites both at the pre-contractual phase for the purpose of surveying a site for suitability and also for subsequent access for maintenance and repair. This best practice statement expands on those principles to help both parties address some of the practical issues that can arise.

Version 1 Adopted 16th December 2022 (para 2.9 amended 15th September 2023)

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3. Guidance Note prepared by the Working Group on Mobile Templates on Landlord's costs and expenses

Legal Guidance Statement

The purpose of this Guidance Note which has been prepared by a cross section of representatives from both the site provider and operator community is to promote understanding and foster good communication and collaboration, in line with the objectives of the National Connectivity Alliance (NCA). This Guidance Note is intended to offer additional guidance to supplement Ofcom’s ‘Code of Practice concerning agreements for access to private land’, which is available on Ofcom’s website.

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